Over 50 years of refined Taylor Family Merino breeding has resulted in consistently stylish and soft SRS ® wools beautifully suited to grow in high rainfall areas. The selective use of Keri Keri Merino genetics to enhance carcass shape, fertility and resilience has produced a consistently profitable and low maintenance sheep.

Breeding Consistency – one after the other

Over the past 10 years the majority of Boxleigh Park’s top Sires have been bred from within the stud, resulting in a naturally predictable and replicable pattern of consistency.  This explains the Boxleigh Park’s distinctive look and type.


Our sheep are curvaceous, muscly and maternal: the perfect breeding package. The Boxleigh Park type combines these unique and desirable traits:

  • plain bodies (we ceased mulesing all sheep in 2007)
  • deep jaws  
  • soft open faces 
  • high, muscly rumps
  • wide, rounded back ends
  • udders like a first cross ewe

Genetic Trends

ASBV’s can be viewed at (Flock #509232)

For the past 3 years across our 3000 breeding ewes the lambing percentage has been over 130%.


Boxleigh Park Wool is harvested biannually in Summer and Winter. As a result of our fast growing and stylish staple, in 2015 our general shearing event was doubled to occur every 6 months. This is done in June before lambing, and again in December after lambs are weaned. The implementation of biannual shearing has a number of benefits including:

  • increased cash flow
  • the elimination of coloured, cotted and tender wool lines in the shed
  • higher fleece to pieces ratio (for May 2017 shearing, this ratio was 9:1)
  • minimise the need for crutching
  • allows ewes to be joined and to lamb in short wool

Supreme Fibre Performance

From 6 months growth, May 2018 Shearing 12 bale line
Length 64 mm
Strength 79 newtons
20.4 microns
Yield 72 %
Hauteur 84 mm
This is due to the superior strength and elasticity of the Boxleigh Park wool fibre.